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VIP - Very Important Paintballs

VIP - a paintball newcomer conquers the market.


You are looking for the highlight in terms of paintballs? Then you've come to the right place!


VIP paintball is the brand of the future in the tournament segment.


The ball is almost perfectly round and the flight. - or marking properties are excellent, because the shell does not break in the barrel, but by an accurate trajectory on the opponent.


VIP, a high end tournament paintball, convincing by its ultra neon color and, very well covering and not wipeable, as well as an extremly thick and ecologically friendly filling, and an extremly high fragility, par



Our high-class high-end tournament paintball VIP exceeds all expectations and requirements that must offer a high-end tournament paintball.

The paintballs are delivered in a robust, very precious and flat - designed box with four bags of 500 rounds, which simplifies storing and transporting many times.

A microfibre cloth that is indispensable for each player, is a small thank you also in each box.


VIP stands for a top quality with a very good price performance ratio, developed for use in tournament area, when it comes to a place on the podium and your team would like to take a prize cup home!

VIP, your expert in terms of paintball!





























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